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RR Global
In early 80’s, a small trading company was determined to incorporate a winding wire factory at Silvassa.
RR Global, a USD 1.25 billion conglomerate has moulded its success on innovation. Since the foundation of the brand, its architects opted that innovation is the key to success of every product in the brand. It was a really courageous decision because at that point in time categories like wires and cables were highly commoditized. This optimistic development led to the creation of a brand - RR Kabel, a name which is admired worldwide with existence over 90+ countries across the globe.

Presently the company is ranked amongst the top three retail wire manufacturers across the nation. It is also the largest consumer of copper in India, an achievement which no one would have imagined a cable and wire company to be capable of and that is the reason they are preferred by clients who are some of the largest copper manufacturer in the country.

RR Global takes honour in establishing 9 companies and global offices, primarily in the U.A.E and Bangladesh. In their endeavour to set international benchmarks, RR Kabel has received 19 international accreditations. They are the first in India to have BASEC (U.K.), UL (U.S.A.), VDE (Germany), among others for its wide range of cables including ISO 50001 and ISO 14001.

Across the course of four decades, their impulse towards innovation to achieve success and hard work steered them to earn phenomenal recognition with RR Kabel becoming the desired choice for wires and cables not only in India but also on a global platform.

RR Global India focusses on cutting edge technology and research to enhance efficiency, reliability, and safe conduction of electricity. This in turn supported the core of the company’s engineering endeavour which is to guarantee safe environments everywhere- offices, commercial spaces, industrial plants, and residences.
winding wire factory at Silvassa - RR Global

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