Useful insights on cables used in industrial and residential buildings

Wires and cables are an indispensable part of the electrical system. They ensure transfer of power, energy and data signal from one place to another. Wires and cables come in different sizes, types, colors, and applications to match different needs. For smooth electricity supply and other telecommunication signals, it’s important to select proper wires and cables. Here are some useful insights on cables that are widely used in industrial and residential buildings:


  • Building wire: These wires are used in all types of buildings, be they commercial, industrial, or residential. They are also known as branch circuit wiring. They carry electrical current to all power applications in a building.

  • Multi-core flexible cable: Multi-core flexible cables are used for industrial applications. They are also used in a few residential applications.

  • Three-core flat submersible cable: These cables are manufactured to power submersible pumps that go deep under the soil. These heavy duty cables can withstand harsh and tough conditions as they are moisture and weather resistant.

  • Telephone and switchboard cable: These cables are designed for improved voice transmission.They are used for telephones and intercoms. They ensure that there’s voice clarity.

  • Coaxial Cable: These cables are used in TV signal transmission to homes. They are used by cable operators and DTH providers.

  • UTP CAT Cable: These cables are used for transmitting data and voice signals for a LAN network. They are used in offices to connect all the computers to the server.

  • Power and control cable: These cables are used in industries, commercial, and multi-residential complexes. They can be laid in the ground or in ducts, clipped to the surface.

  • Shielded cables: These cables are used for industrial and signaling purposes.

  • Speaker cables: These cables are used for voice signals to speakers

  • CCTV cables: These cables are used in the close circuit camera systems. They are used to connect the CCTV to a television or monitor.

  • Fire alarm cables: These cables are used in security systems such as smoke detectors, emergency lightings and fire command centers.


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