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Howrah station lights up using solar energy

Howrah station is one of the busiest railway stations. One can imagine the amount of electricity consumed to keep the station functioning. However, contrary to most of the railway stations, Howrah does not consume conventional energy. Instead, Howrah station has emerged as the one with the largest commissioned solar capacity under Indian Railways.

Eastern Railway has already commissioned a 2965 KWp grid-connected rooftop solar power project at Howrah. This will help in reducing carbon footprints which seem to be the mission for Railways. Moreover, by 2020, Eastern Railway plans to start generating 300 million watts of renewable energy under the mission ‘300 Million Watts’.

With the aim of maximum utilization of clean and renewable energy, the Eastern Railway has set a rapid growth plan for utilizing solar energy from 30 million watts in 2018 to 300 million watts in 2020.

According to the Eastern Railway spokesperson Nikhil Chakraborty, these rooftop solar plants are already generating around 55 million watts. While the process is on to increase the capacity by another 245 million watts, he is sure of achieving the ‘300 Million Watts’ mission with ease by 2020.

Moreover, this goal of generating 300 million MW will lead to savings of Rs. 12 crore in revenue expenses per year at the present rate of tariff.


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